Bernard Veale was born in Durban in the Republic of South Africa and educated largely in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where he had a marvellous boyhood.
His interests are family-life, growing herbs and vegetables, computers, horses and reading. He loves country living but his beautiful wife hates it so they live on the outskirts of Johannesburg in South Africa. He takes out his subsequent frustration by writing novels.

New Novels

Mermaid in my Bunk (Fantasy/Romance in 85 000 words)

Doctor Alan Brand is weary from too much emergency room work. He resigns and sails away in the yacht his father had owned. He had plenty of savings as he had never had the time to spend his earnings. He sailed south toward Polynesia enjoying the luxury of having no fixed destination and no time restraints. Shortly after a great tsunami that he had fortunately missed, he spots a body floating in the sea. It is that of a most attractive girl, Esmeralda, that he believes is dead until she unexpectedly revives. They cruise through the islands together and he discovers that she belongs to an English-speaking group of people that had been ship-wrecked in Chaucer's time and had by circumstances been forced to live in caverns below sea-level for 700 years, completely cut off from the rest of the world. They call themselves the Merfolk. Esmeralda swims like a dolphin and sings like an operatic prima donna. This is the story of how they parted and after much difficulty found each other again.
Awaiting publication

The Retreat From Arms (Spying after the French Revolution Book Five 97900 words)

Frank Steel is sent by Napoleon to establish whether Russia has any intention of declaring war on him. He travels under the name of Franco Ferro an Italian arms manufacturer. He meets a Russian Countess returning to Russia on the same ship. He is accepted in Russian society as the Countess's husband and negotiates a contract for a million muskets with the Czar thereby establishing the Czar's military intentions. He returns to Paris via London where he resumes his duties with the French army and takes place in the disastrous march to Moscow and back again. He takes part in defending Napoleon on his rapid return to Paris. His stock with the Emperor is very high and for a change even higher with the British government. He is ordered to visit Napoleon on Elba to cement his status as one of the ex-Emperor's staunchest supporters.
Awaiting publication

a.) SPIRIT OF ECSTASY (A Hugely Enjoyable Romp in 120 000 words)

Patrick Murphy is a charming 'Irish' layabout. He pilfers the purses of his lady friends, gambles and relies on his inherited Irish luck and wits to keep going. But his gambling debts are beginning to overtake him and his bookmaker intends to collect forthwith. Living in a drug and alcohol induced haze, Patrick falls in with the mysterious Gigi who is not only gorgeous but changes his luck dramatically.
He finds her most intriguing, especially when she admits to being the ghost of an unprepossessing girl that he had recently seduced. His world becomes more confused when he is attracted to Gigi's real - life double, Gina, the daughter of "The Judge". . . reputed head of the local Mafia.
For the first time in his life, he is in love. Possibly from lack of experience in matters of the heart, he cannot discern whether he loves Gigi or Gina. Only assistance from the unworldly Gigi and a good deal of Irish whiskey helps him to keep ahead of his creditors and opposing Mafia factions.
How Patrick deals with his problems and pulls himself together is a story that is out of this world.
Published in soft cover by Melrose Books UK

b.) PREDATOR'S PICNIC (Action adventure in 113 000 words)

Marc Gregor had spent ten years in the Middle East and Afghanistan fighting for America. He was tired of living off a reserve officer's pay and anxious to get back to civilian life so he chose nice steady Switzerland and went there to look for a job. He found the job but it was not what he had planned and resigning turned out to be a rather permanent option. His inclination to cut and run was canceled by his first sight of Cherie, the Sergeant's daughter. After that he struggled to find out exactly what he and a bunch of the toughest mercenary soldiers he had ever seen were being trained for. Every man was out for himself and Marc uses his hard-won skills to keep ahead of the Colonel, the Sergeant and the predator pack. This was no picnic.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

c.) QUICKIES (very short stories totalling 100 000 words)

A slew of short stories for when you have a spare minute for reading in bed, on the toilet or while commuting, short punchy pieces that deliver the story quickly.
If you like romance, humour or imagination and do not want to struggle with a verbose tome, this is the book for you. You go from rich Harold Brentwood the fourth who wants to know why his brakes failed to the pretty little Scot, Amy who dreamed of meeting a Frenchman in Paris to Evelyn Waite the young lawyer that has a bent for solving crimes and Inspector Septimus Tree who shares that skill. Most of the stories are to do with the battle of the sexes and show that women generally do the choosing but every now and again a man gets it right. Unless he is Damon Black who did not believe in Satan and thought that getting what you want from someone that doesn't exist, is a good deal. Enjoy!
Awaiting publication

d.) THE WICH CHILD (A fantasy series of the Wich people Book One 118 000 words)

Can you imagine a race of people with minds that set them apart from ordinary humans? A race that appeared on earth twenty thousand years ago and ultimately produced the pyramids of Egypt and Central America and founded a great civilisation on the islands of Atlantis. The core of this civilisation was destroyed with Atlantis. The scattered colonies of the Wich people left their mark on history as the Phoenician and Basque peoples but the purity of their blood was soon swamped by human genes. The powers dwindled and became no more than suspected actions of poltergeists until a remnant of those that believed in the ancient myths began a long term breeding program, spanning centuries, to restore the Wich genes.The Wich Child is the story of the first fully restored Wich child, Sena. A girl with such powers as had never been seen in many millennia upon this earth.
Awaiting publication

e.) THE RETURN OF THE WICHES (A fantasy series of the Wich people Book Two 119 000 words)

The children of the Wich people return from the planet of Bodasen, that they had discovered while searching for their original planet Wika, to Earth to collect technology and equipment for their new society. The nations of the earth want to use them as weapons against each other.
This is the story of a primitive race with no technology that is able by natural gifts of the mind and by natural resources available from their planet of Wika to travel through space at just below the speed of light. This story covers their escape from the governments of Earth and return to Bodasen.
Awaiting publication

f.) THE CHRONICLES OF WIKA (A fantasy series of the Wich people Book Three 129 000 words)

The Wich people came from a planet called Wika.They were a primitive people with no technology and yet thousands of years ago they were able to cross space and reach our earth.
They did this with the natural gifts of their race and a few special resources that their planet provided.
The natural gifts set them apart from the humans of earth who regarded them as gods. They became pharaohs and kings and built pyramids and temples which are marvels to this day. But as they inter-bred with earthlings, their powers were diluted, with their blood, until only vestiges of that power remained. Their descendants were branded as witches and demons and burnt at the stake for the weakened powers that they were foolish enough to display. They were forced to hide their powers for centuries until their secret council decided to embark on a breeding program that mated the strongest powers together to produce children with enhanced gifts.
Once this program showed signs of success, the governments of earth realized the weapon-potential of humans that could lift buildings by telekinesis and see through solid objects, or into them, down to molecular level. The governments began to collect them and confine them for military purposes until a small resisting group of reconstituted Wich people discovered one of their ancient star ships lying on the bottom of the ocean and raised it by telekinesis. They gathered as many of the specially-bred Wich people as they could and set off into space to try to find the planet of Wika.
Without any means of navigating or any specific directions to lead them to Wika, it was not surprising that they ended up on a planet called Bodasen.
Bodasen was as beautiful as a tropical island and they setlled there happily until their children decided to return to earth to pick up supplies of seeds, together with books and technology that their new civilization lacked.
They were successful in this mission but once again fell foul of the governments of earth and had to leave in a hurry with a large contingent of earthlings on board. Some of these sabotaged their uncertain space navigation and they ended up at the planet of Wika.
Awaiting publication

g.) THE CALL TO ARMS (Spying during the French Revolution Book One  107 000 words)

Frank Steel is a young man raised in a multi-lingual household in Gloucestershire at the time of the French revolution. He is brought up to be the complete European gentleman, the master of sword, pistol and horse, but the only English he speaks is that of the household servants and the surrounding country folk.
When he tries to join the British army, he is classed as a country bumpkin and put in the front line as cannon fodder but Frank is anything but a country bumpkin. He is surrounded by the French army and assumes the identity of a French ensign. From here, his career in the French army blossoms. The French accept him as the British never did. He ends up spying for the British and fighting for the French. He stumbles through historic times where his most dangerous opponents are always the women in his life. His sword and his wits are all he has to carry him through to the meagre approval of his British masters.
Awaiting publication

h.) THE PROFESSION OF ARMS (Spying during the French Revolution Book Two 107 000 words)

Frank Steel is now established in the French Army. The French accept him as the British never did. He is spying for the British and fighting for the French. He climbs rapidly through the ranks of the French army to a colonelcy and achieves a great spying coup which results in his elevation to the lowest commissioned rank in the British Army, whilst the spy-master at home receives a peerage.
He is unable to shake off the beautiful but self-centred Genevieve Robespierre who claims that she is bearing his child or Gina Grazioso, an Italian girl, who would love to be able to say the same.
He fights in historic times and his most dangerous and troublesome opponents are always the women in his life. His male opponents he handles easily with his sword and quick wits. All his efforts earn under-whelming approval from his British masters.
Awaiting publication

i.) THE MASTER AT ARMS (Spying during the French Revolution Book Three 112 000 words)

Frank Steel has been sent to Spain on a mission for General Paul Barras, mainly because Barras wants Zilla Broussard, Franc's childhood friend and lover.
In Spain he overcomes Manuel Espartero, the Spanish spy-master and gains possession of his files to the delight of his friend and spy-master Lord Canning also pleasing Barras in the process.
He returns to France and is taken to Egypt by a young General Bonaparte who then sends him to Italy where he kills an Italian spy-master highly prized by Bonaparte.
Bonaparte is furious and sends him back to Paris where he discovers that the British are at last beginning to appreciate his work.
Awaiting publication

j.) THE COAT OF ARMS (Spying during the French Revolution Book Four 110 000 words)

Frank Steel is the James Bond of the Napoleonic era. He fights for France and spies for Britain. In this book, he works in Spain and Portugal as Spain under the control of Manuel de Godoy attempts to conquer Portugal. His love life is as complex as ever. The British are beginning to appreciate his contributions to the war effort and the French Emperor realizes that his Franc de Broglio persona is his most effective military intelligence operative and forgives him for killing Napoleon's spy-master in Italy. Frank meets Sir Arthur Wellesley in Portugal and contributes to his victory at Talavera before being summoned to Austria where he saves the Emperor Napoleon's life.
Awaiting publication

k.) SLEIGHT OF HAND (adventure/romance in 80 000 words)

Some espionage agents might be incompetent. Adam Sleight is not, in fact, he is in many ways unusually talented and capable but there are two things he does not understand. The first is woman-kind and the second is what he has got himself into.
Adam Sleight is a stage magician that specializes in legerdemain or sleight of hand. He is engaged to lift a set of documents from the pocket of a diplomat and is caught up in a web of espionage that he does not understand.
His attempts to disentangle himself from this web throw him into the company of women that he understands even less than espionage. It is no surprise when one of them captures him completely despite his best efforts to stay in control.
Awaiting publication

l.) THE PERFECT VALLEY (a western novel 69 000 words )

Matt Hudson is heading for California after completing a cattle drive from Texas. He is cheated out of his money, horse and guns by the Town marshal and deputies of Danville.
Penniless, he walks toward California carrying his stock saddle following a river because he needs the water. Near the source of the river he finds the perfect valley hidden in the foothills to the mountains.
The valley has everything he needs to survive including several hundred sheep and there is a nearby herd of mustangs.
With the help of a young Mexican boy, he takes some sheep to the county seat where the railroad-Irish pay good prices for mutton. Here he meets the county sheriff and his pretty daughter Molly. Molly is already involved with the Town Marshal of nearby Danville against her father's wishes. When Matt takes her to a dance the Marshal is determined to get him. Their enmity increases to the point that the Marshal claims that Matt is a wanted criminal and puts a bounty on his head.
Three bounty hunters find his valley and attack it but are defeated by Matt and his Mexican boy. The captured bounty hunters disclose that the Marshal had been involved in the recent bank robbery in Danville. The Marshal goes on the run with his deputy and seeks out the valley, where there is a showdown and Molly finally sees the Marshal for what he is.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

m.) HOW TO MAKE A MILLION QUICKLY WITHOUT RISK (adventure/ romance 154 000 words)

Cara, the fat girl, is hiding from an assassin. In her disguise, she signs up as a famous photographer's personal assistant. Soon she is running everything for him and covering for his undisciplined love-life. She arranges for a photo-shoot with a bevy of beautiful models at the Victoria Falls. The photographer continues to get his love-life tangled and they move into the country of Zimwe where the malignant power of its president, Bugame, holds sway. In the course of many adventures, Cara saves her potential assassin from imprisonment in Zimwe, an almost certain death sentence. Having no longer a reason to hide, she reverts to her true self as Lady Caroline Fenstone, a celebrated beauty, very rich novelist and a member of the European parliament. All the men in her life are vying for her attention. How she brings about the fall of the Zimwe president and chooses her love from her many suitors is the core of this story.
Awaiting publication

n.) THE VIGILANTE (a modern adventure story in 119 000 words)

The Vigilante is a classic comic-book hero. He is taken under the wing of a billionaire genius when he is an early teenager. With the help of his mentor he is trained up to be a martial arts expert and gymnast.
The genius invents body armor and a special weapon that enables the Vigilante to capture criminals almost effortlessly.
The police regard him as one who takes the law into his own hands and do not value his help; in fact, they actively look to arrest him. He is faced with two vicious and extremely resourceful criminal opponents that keep escaping from prison and changing their identities. He also has to deal with women who want him as the adopted son of a billionaire and do not mind too much what they have to do to get him.
This is a fast-paced story of how the young hero copes with the enormous responsibility that is thrust upon him while keeping his identity hidden to protect those close to him.
Awaiting publication

o.) THE BOY'S CLUB (a modern adventure story in 106 000 words)

Mac MacLeod is a surfer. Money is not important to him, surfing is.
Mac loves beach life and girls. His life changes when he finds a heavily pregnant girl abandoned on the beach with nothing except the clothing she is wearing.
Mac takes the girl to his tiny wooden beach shack. He delivers the baby and cares for mother and child. He takes a job as a lifeguard to earn more money.
The child becomes the center of his existence and when the mother runs off with a rich admirer, he is the sole guardian of the little girl. He takes a better job as lifeguard at the Country Club, far from the surf, to better provide for the youngster. Eventually he becomes the manager of the Country Club and through a girl friend learns about the Boy's Club. The club is a very exclusive secret association. Its membership includes a front-runner for president of the country.
The investigator that Mac finds to handle the divorce of his girl friend disappears while investigating the Boy's Club and is not the first to do so. Mac decides to launch his own investigation.
The mother of the child in Mac's care has married the rich admirer and when both are killed, the child inherits a vast fortune through a trust of which Mac is named as the sole trustee. Mac uses his financial backing to identify the guilty members one by one and bring them to ruin after several adventures. He ultimately closes down the Boy's Club and the love of his life makes an honest man of him.
Awaiting publication

p.) TROPICAL ISLAND DREAM (Adventure/romance in 90 000 words)

Mark Hardy is a young Chartered Accountant. He is unable to find a suitable job after eventually qualifying. He is left the family home after his parents die. He sells the house and uses some of the money to buy a motor cruiser to fulfill his lifelong fantasy to visit a tropical island. He knows nothing about seafaring so he takes a course on ocean sailing. He makes his way around the coast of Africa with a persistent engine problem to Cape Town in South Africa. Here he sees for the first time the beautiful young socialite called India Vale de Ville. He continues up through the Mozambique Channel to the islands near the northern tip of Madagascar. He is attacked by pirates who take over his boat. He narrowly escapes with his life and swims to a nearby deserted island. For a year, he lives on the island; having only a length of fishing line, a fishing hook, his magnifying watch crystal and an ancient machete as tools for survival.
The pirates develop the same engine problem that had plagued him all the way around Africa. They drift to the island with their kidnap victim India Vale de Ville. Mark has learned how to be resourceful. He helps her to escape, and one by one they deal with the pirates. They recover Mark's cruiser and leave the island for the African mainland.
India is concerned about her father's attempt to utilize her trust fund to rescue his failing investments. She suspects that her father is behind her kidnapping. She flies back to the United States to sort out her financial problems. Mark makes several attempts to contact her from his remote island and after a year he hears that she is about to get married. He goes to America and finds that her forthcoming marriage is not exactly voluntary. With the help of two women and a young African boy, he uses his resourcefulness to sort out India's difficulties and win the girl for his African dream.
Awaiting publication

q.) A VERY BAD VIRGIN (a mystic adventure in 87 000 words)

Rhett James Harding wakes up in a small clinic, without his memory.
As he struggles to recover some recall, he discovers that the small town he is in holds many secrets. The first thing he has to discover is his own name and after that he needs to know why he is in the town at all.
As he discovers these things while dating as many of the attractive girls in town as he can find, he also encounters the evil deacon of the Church of Our Lady of Sophia. His enquiries uncover that the church is not a Catholic church as it sounds to be and Our Lady is the Black Virgin while Sophia is an ancient name of the goddess of Wisdom. After those unexpected translations he is hardly surprised when he discovers that the church worships Lucifer and that he had unknowingly narrowly escaped being sacrificed to the Fallen Angel.
Handicapped by his lack of memory he pieces together the history of the town and ultimately comes to the point where he has to, almost reluctantly; uncover the identity of the Black Virgin.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

r.) THE FIRST GOSPEL (adventure/romance in 86 000 words)

Dr Meredith Kennedy is an expert in Middle Eastern languages. She acquires a set of tablets which appear to be a gospel written by the Apostle Thaddeus. The tablets were found in Iran and the Iranians are determined to recover them or destroy them by any means necessary.
Meredith hires Thad Rand, a South African bush pilot, scratching a living in his battered airplane, to get her back to the United States as quickly as possible. They dodge a determined effort by the Iranians backed by worldwide Islamic forces. They look to the Roman Catholic Church for support but it too has reasons to acquire the tablets, even the Mafia wants to get in on the act. In the end they have to rely on their own ingenuity to escape their pursuers only to discover why people of such disparate backgrounds should be together.
Awaiting publication

s.) THE ETRUSCANS (The story of Lars Porsena and his successor in 104 000 words)

Before 500 BC the people of Italy used to elect the kings of their city-states. This is the story of Lars Porsena, who became such an elected king of Clusium, and the Tarquins who were deposed in Rome on a trumped up charge of rape to make way for a Roman republic.
They were lawless days when Rome was beginning to grow and the forum was an open site where patricians that formed the senate could watch the Roman games and horse races. The struggle for power was almost frenzied as sister killed sister, brother killed brother and daughter killed her father for the crown. Few in Rome maintained a standard of integrity but in Etruria where the Etruscans lived, Lars Porsena gave an example of nobility and discipline that the Romans were to emulate later in the organization of their armies.
The story includes capture into slavery by pirates, valid predictions by a sibyl and battles between the primitive tribes that made up the population of Italy and modern day France. It is also the love stories of Lars Porsena and his successor.
Awaiting publication

t.) READ MY LIPS (Freddie Huntsman Book One crime/adventure 80 000 words)

Frederick Huntsman had a tough childhood. He was deaf for five years before his hearing was restored. His schoolmates shunned him and he never had a girlfriend in high school but this painful past left him with one very helpful skill: he could read lips.
He was looking for his first job when he saw two people talking about a kidnapping. He reports this to the police but they do not believe him so he rescues the kidnap victim himself. The victim was the daughter of the town's Mayor who is a very rich man and is vying to become state governor. He employs Freddie as his investigator at a very high salary. Freddie uses his skill to keep track of what Barforth “Spike” Crawley, the kidnapper is planning to do next. Suddenly Freddie finds himself very popular with the opposite sex. The hunt for Crawley takes him into the woods and an encounter with a grizzly bear and a very attractive girl. He solves a ten year old murder as the mayor is elected to the governorship and Crawley finally corners him, seeking revenge.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

u.) TOUCH MY LIPS (Freddie Huntsman Book Two crime/adventure 73 000 words)

Freddie Huntsman has to deal with Giovanni Tito a racketeer who wants a casino in the state. Tito has the daughter of State Governor Bronson, Freddie boss and Jadi Benton, Freddie's live-in girlfriend, held captive against the signing of the Casino Bill by the Governor. Freddie tricks Tito in releasing the girls but gets entangled with Candy Barr, which causes great upset with Jadi Benton. Freddie battles on with the support of his friends and finally, after a confrontation with Claudio the cocaine-addicted son of Tito, brings the Tito Empire to an end.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

v.) KISS MY LIPS (Freddie Huntsman Book Three crime/adventure 81 500 words)

Freddie Huntsman is now the Executive assistant of Governor Bradford Bronson who is top of the polls for President of the United States. The incumbent president died in office and the Vice President is acting president and intends to get himself elected to office by hook or by crook. He sees Freddie as the Governor's biggest asset and is determined to either bribe him with high office to get him to change sides or to frame him for various crimes to discredit him. Freddie manages to stay ahead of the game but gets embroiled in the ‘Mack the Knife' serial murders while juggling his new girlfriend Julienne Light with Jadi Benton, his ex-lover, who is handling the ‘Mack the Knife' case. Everything comes to a dramatic end when Freddie faces off with the ‘Mack the Knife' killer.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

w.) THE TEXICAN WAY (A story of the US civil war in 78 000 words)

Daniel Beauregard is a young Texan drafted into the Confederate Army. He is a crack shot with his Whitworth rifle and becomes a sniper. He meets Quantrill and joins his raiders. He is sent to Texas by Quantrill where he encounters General Robert E Lee. Lee has to return to Virginia in a hurry and he asks Daniel to escort him. Lee is being pursued by a US cavalry troop disguised as Confederates. Daniel decimates the disguised troop with his sniping skills. He realizes that Lee must have been betrayed by someone close to President Jefferson Davis and to track the traitor down he assumes the role of a US Army lieutenant and is quickly promoted to Captain. He discovers the codebook for US Army telegraphic communications and works out who the traitor is. He successfully supplies Lee with much crucial information. Due to the high rate of casualties, Daniel is a brigadier in the US Army when Lee finally surrenders.
With the war over, Daniel returns to playing poker; a skill he learned from his father. He travels on a riverboat down to New Orleans. On board he meets Senorita Teresita Rozas who, although he is much taken with her, does not return the compliment. While traveling to Laredo to be married to a rich ranchero, Teresita is captured by Comanche Indians. Daniel, now a very successful poker player, hears of the tragedy and using his special skills, finds and recovers her.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

x.) ORINOCO (A modern adventure/romance in 70 800 words)

Dane Martin was dragged up in an orphanage put through an indifferent high-school education which fitted him for very little. He, and his best friend Tommy Garner, steal cars and sell them to oil-rich Arabs. Tommy was skilled with engines and Dane knew how to pick the best opportunities.
Dane rips off a car containing over a million dollars in drug money. Staying in the States after stealing the car and the money of Emilio Draco, the drug kingpin, is not a healthy option. Tommy is scammed into buying a boat and they scuttle over to Mexico where they find that even there Emilio Draco has an uncomfortable amount of support.
They find an ancient title deed to a hacienda in Venezuela aboard their boat and head for Venezuela knowing nothing about seafaring except how to look after the engine. They travel up the Orinoco River, constantly in trouble, into the highlands where the deed says that the hacienda is located. When they get there the hacienda is flourishing but only inasmuch as the coca bushes and marijuana is concerned.
The illegal occupier of the property, Ignacio Garcia an underling of Draco, is menacing and troublesome. Dane and Tommy struggle to gain possession of the property and win the hearts of the girls they love.
Published as an e-book by Andrews UK

y.) DRAGON IN THE MIST (A tale of Lancelot in ancient Britain in 119 000 words)

This is the fable of how Uther Pendragon scandalously and adulterously had a son who became the mighty champion Lancelot and his half-brother became the British dux bellorum later to be known as King Arthur of the Round Table.
It also tells of Lancelot's stay with the Jutes in Kent, under the name of Wlencing, where he met Winifrith, the Saxon name for Guenever.
Morgana the Fey, Elaine the Lily maid of Astolith and Myrddin also play their part in this fable as Lancelot's deeds carry him to his fated reunion with the love of his life.
Awaiting publication


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